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Feet and legs massage (reflexology)

Massage of feet and legs (also known as reflexology) – although it is applied only to the feet and lower parts of legs, it has a positive effect on many internal organs. This is because of the points on the feet (called meridians), that are associated with all the internal organs. By acting on the foot reflexology zone (doing rhythmic pressure) masseuses are stimulating the entire body.

Price list

Duration: 30 min. 60 min. 90 min.
Price: 60 zł 100 zł 140 zł

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The technique of massage

Reflexology offered in ThaiSun Studios in Warsaw is a procedure applied only to the feet and lower parts of legs. Nevertheless, it remains very beneficial for the entire body.
The treatment is performed in a horizontal or sitting position.
For busy clients we prepared a short variant of the treatment – the whole massage takes only 30 minutes and offers you relief and relaxation.

What to expect

ThaiSun Studios in Warsaw offers professional reflexology treatments. All the procedures are performed by highly experienced massagers with grate knowledge about meridians and their influence on corresponding internal organs and systems.
The treatment is available in all three ThaiSun Studios in the centre of Warsaw.
As reflexology becomes more and more popular we recommend booking appointments in advance.

Knowledge in a Nutshell

Effect of massage

Reflexology is highly beneficial for the whole body. It:
– decreases anxiety,
– improves headaches,
– eliminates the feeling of „heavy legs”,
– eliminates muscle tension in legs and feet,
– helps to reduce stagnant lymph and water from the body,
– enhance overall wellbeing.

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