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Oil massage

Oil massage is considered as one of the most relaxing from the wide range of Thai massages. It owns its properties to essential oils used in the procedure. The oils are most commonly made of rosewood, lavender, peppermint, frangipani, sandalwood, ylang-ylang as well as other rare herbs, which grow only in Thailand.

Price list
Duration: 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Price: 180 zł 230 zł 280 zł
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The technique of massage
Oil Massage in Practice. Oil massage is a rather slow and gentle massage. Every movement in this procedure is performed slowly, as each muscle and joint is gently massaged to bring full relaxation to the entire body.
Oil massage is a whole body treatment. As all whole body treatments in ThaiSun Salones the massage requires wearing disposable underwear.
Clients who want to take the most advantage of the procedure are recommended to take a shower beforehand, as leaving the oils on the skin after the treatment is suggested for their better penetration and longer effect.
What to expect
The best Oil Massage in Warsaw. If you are looking for a place offering a professional Thai oil massage in Warsaw you should definitely consider visiting one of ThaiSun Salons located in the centre of Warsaw. Our salons offer wide range of high quality treatments – massages and spa treatments. All the procedures are performed by well-trained and experienced masseuses from Thailand. In their work they use only original Thai oils, creams and body lotions.
Effect of massage
Above all oil massage is to relax your body and give it relief from muscle cramps and pains. It also:
- improves blood and lymph circulation,
- detoxifies the entire body,
- flexes and pins the skin,
- helps to remove cellulite and stretchmarks,
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