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Royal Massage ThaiSun

This massage is the ultimate combination of several ancient techniques for the most effective and precise body care. The massaged person feels deep relaxation, while the body is subjected to intense renewal. The treatment includes full body oil massage focused especially on the back which becomes stiff due to stress. The treatment also includes a feet massage combined with reflexology. Last part of the Royal Massage is a facial scrub and massage which completes the whole procedure and gives the effect of long-term relaxation and stress removal. It also helps to maintain radiant and refreshed appearance of the face.

Price list

Duration: 90 min. 120 min. 150 min.
Price: 330 zł 390 zł 440 zł

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The technique of massage

Full body massage. It has been developed to guarantee a deep relaxation and comfort, as well as take advantage of the beneficial qualities of the rarest local Thai oils. The ritual starts with feet massage in order to stimulate circulation. As a result, the body is better prepared for the next stages of massage and is easily absorbing nutrients found in the oils. Next step is the massage of the whole body. Each single movement is slow, with full attention to details in order to bring relaxation to the whole body. The final stage of the royal massage is face massage with scrub. This treatment has a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating effect and becomes something worth remembering. After the treatment the skin becomes fully cleansed and gains a youthful glow.

What to expect

This massage is performed in a single use underwear. Because of the complexity of the massage it is available only in 90, 120 and the 150 minutes variants.

Knowledge in a Nutshell

Effect of massage

deeply relaxes and renews the body,
improves blood and lymph circulation,
gives great flexibility to the skin,
restores concentration,
gives strong anti-stress effect.

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