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Couples Massage

  • Couples massage is a unique experience, which we can share with those closest to us. Double room ensures full comfort in every kind of massage. Our best masseuses from Thailand will take care of the highest quality of the massage. Spending time in a unique atmosphere of our ThaiSun salons is not only pleasurable, but […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: Tajski 240 / Olejkowy 340 zł Tajski 300 / Olejkowy 440 zł Tajski 380/ Olejkowy 540 zł

Classic Thai massage

  • The oldest (at least 2500 years old) type of Thai massage containing combined techniques of acupressure, Shiatsu, Ayurveda and passive yoga (also called yoga for the lazy). This massage discharges tension in muscles, joints and tendons, stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system by restoring balance in the body. Thai massage gives a huge boost of […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 130 zł 160 zł 200 zł

Oil massage

  • Massage with the aromatic oils is a possibility for you to experience firsthand the hundreds of years of tradition of the Far East massage school in an unusually relaxing version. During the massage our professional staff use specially prepared oils from sandalwood, rose, mint lavender, rosewood, frangipani or ylang-ylang and from other unique trees and […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 180 zł 230 zł 280 zł

Massage with herbal stamps

  • Thai herbal stamps massage is a special combination of aromatherapy, thermic therapy and acupressure. This unique, traditional art of therapeutics has been used in Thailand for hundreds of years. In all our ThaiSun salons you are able to experience a typical Thai solution for cold and tiredness. Hot herbal stamps full of aromatic herbs would […]

    Duration: 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 180 zł 240 zł

Feet and legs massage (reflexology)

  • Reflexology in Thailand is better known as feet and legs massage. During treatment, masseurs use their hands and specially constructed wooden sticks. This kind of massage is the answer to modern problems of women, who often walk on heels, and wear uncomfortable shoes. These kinds of things can affect their legs by causing tension in the […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min.
    Price: 100 zł 140 zł

Back, shoulders and head massage

  • Back, shoulders and head massage is an ideal treatment to get rid of conditions connected with a sedentary lifestyle. If you deal with aches of forearms, back or neck, this kind of treatment is perfect for you. This massage would release you from tensions in muscles and problems in the spine area. It’s highly recommended […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min.
    Price: 100 zł 140 zł

Sport Massage

  • Sports massage is a very popular treatment among clients of our salons. Our professional Thai staff is able to adjust the massage to your preferences, so it totally doesn’t matter whether you perform sports regularly or from time to time. The main aim of a sports massage is the appropriate preparation of the body for […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 180 zł 240 zł 280 zł

Hot stone massage

  • Hot Stone Massage is an ideal way to relax. Its beneficial influence on the mood and overall function of the body is known by many people. Not everyone is aware of the additional effects, which are provided by the oils we use. The substances from the oils get deeply into the skin, moisturise and regenerate. […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 200 zł 250 zł 300 zł

Hot coconut oil massage

  • Hot coconut oil massage is one of the most interesting treatments offered by our ThaiSun salons. Coconut oil can successfully replace many cosmetics at the shops. It is known for hundreds of years as a compound of natural body care products. It is also widely known as the healthiest oil on Earth. Coconut oil contains […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 250 zł 300 zł 350 zł

Candle massage

  • Candle massage is waiting for clients at our ThaiSun salons as a soothing and sensuous experience. The candle made of 100 % natural waxes guarantees blissful relaxation and proper moisturisation of the skin. After treatment skin would be silky smooth and soft. A unique mixture using a candle as a base is heated before the […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 180 zł 230 zł 280 zł

Slim massage

  • The slimming massage at ThaiSun salons is a combination of SPA treatments typical for Europe with a special climate of far regions of Asia. This treatment has a lot of many advantages due to the fact that the masseur uses ancient Thai techniques. You would be able to observe visible slimming of your shape, even […]

    Duration: 60 min. 90 min.
    Price: 180 zł 220 zł

After pregnancy massage

  • Let us take care of you during that important time, which is the first phase of maternity. It’s the time when your body needs the most attention and proper care. It’s worth to spend some time and convince yourself, how helpful a relaxing massage can be. Internal quietness and peacefulness would be helpful not only […]

    Duration: 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 240 zł 300 zł

Royal Massage ThaiSun

  • Royal ThaiSun massage is a combination of 10 years of our practice and almost 100 years of Thai tradition. It has been created from the knowledge about what our customers value the most in our massages. Royal Thai massage is a fusion massage, which includes some unique techniques. It harmonises perfectly and makes the Royal […]

    Duration: 90 min. 120 min.
    Price: 330 zł 390 zł
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