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Śródmieście/Wola, Mokotów Saska Kępa



Thai Massage – A Touch of Tradition

Massage Thai is an ancient art of oriental massage that combines many techniques and elements of different oriental schools – Hindu Ayurveda, passive yoga or reflexology. Traditional Thai massage also includes Japanese and Chinese elements, such as shiatsu (the Japanese art of healing touch) and acupressure.

Classic massage Thailand was created over 2.5 thousand years ago. The legend says it was invented as a remedy for aches and pains that Buddha himself suffered from. The massage has come to Europa only recently but it has already gained many followers and fans, who appreciate its beneficial effect on the body and soul.


Medicine for Soul and Body

Thai massage is considered as one of the most effective tools to fight excess stress, body pain and fatigue. For years it has been used to achieve the harmony of the body and soul.
Combination of different techniques brings the best possible results giving the body relief from muscle tensions and pains, rest and overall relaxation.
And for the soul we provide a unique atmosphere which is guaranteed by oriental décor as well as carefully chosen relaxation music from the Far Orient.

People of all ages and different degrees of physical fitness can take advantage of the massage.


Thai Massage in Warsaw

ThaiSun is a chain of traditional Thai spa and Thai massage salons in Warsaw. The salons are located in Warszawa Centrum, Warszawa Mokotów and Warszawa Saska Kępa. Our Thaispa hires only highly qualified and experienced masseuses form Thailand. Our masseuses are graduates of Wat Pho temple in Bangkok – by far the most famous Thai Massage school in the country – where there were trained in an ancient art of classic massage Thai.

Thaispa ThaiSun offers vast variety of oriental massages. Our unique offer includes: classic massage Thai, oil massage, traditional massage with herbal stamps (also available as a massage with warm coffee and cinnamon compresses), reflexology, relaxing massages (for back, shoulders and head), sport massage, hot stone massages with basalt stones, hot coconut oil massage, candle massage, slim massage and many more.
Our Thai spa Warsaw also offers of professional Thai treatments for the face and body. In all our procedures we use only natural Thai oils and lotions.

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Nasze salony
ThaiSun “City Center”

ThaiSun “City Center”

Ul. Łucka 20/1402, Warszawa 00-845
+48 22 870 50 60, +48 513 932 221,
Open: 10-22
ThaiSun “Saska Kępa”

ThaiSun “Saska Kępa”

Ul. Zwycięzców 11 klatka I lok. 1, Warszawa 03-936
+48 515 965 945,
Open:Pon-Niedz: 10-22
ThaiSun “Mokotów”

ThaiSun “Mokotów”

Al. Wilanowska 111A/3 Warszawa 02-765
503-555-402, 22 699 07 60,
Open:Pon-Niedz: 12-22 02-765 Warszawa
Salon “Kraków Centrum”

Salon “Kraków Centrum”

ul. Krowoderska 52, Kraków 31-158
+48 505 341 593,
Open: 12:00-21:00
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